About us

Maestrat Equestre is run by Angel Ribes, Fabiola Bort and Celia Agustí. We are located in Benlloch, Castellón province (Spain).

We organize horse-riding trips in different nature areas in Castellón province. We work in collaboration with the Benlloch horse riding association (CABEN, Castellón, Spain).

Angel and Fabiola have more than 20 years experience in organizing long distance horseback riding tours. They have great knowledge of the terrain and trails of the region, as well as the local history and traditions. They will guide you safely through the mountains and fields, and tell you fascinating local stories.

Celia is a skilled horse rider that has been living in Norway for several years. She is biologist and has good knowledge of the local nature of Castellón. She has been living and riding in Spain and Norway, and she will assist you to cope with the riding (or any) cultural differences.

Our collaborators:

J. Daniel Nebot, Lucia Segarra and Adriá Nebot: Horse-riding experts, horse trainers.


Peter Vester: Horse riding expert, horse trainer, long distance riding tours, horse packing school and tours, adviser.

Peter Henriksen: business adviser, horse-riding expertise, photographer.


Ana Tortosa: business adviser, designer, IT support.

Jorge Agustí P., David Miralles, Pilar Ridaura, Natacha Tarazona, Jorge Agustí R.: our photographers.


Experience Spain from horseback