For non-riding companions

If you wish to come with a non-riding partner, family or friends, now it is possible!

Our partners from Itinerantur offer many diverse activities in the area for them.

Visit their webpage and see:

You can join the activities they offer or Itinerantur can prepare “à la carte” activities that will be linked to the riding trips.

Many of the Itinerantur activities can be adapted for all ages and physical conditions: sporty, elderly, family with kids (small and not that small…), etc.

There are many beautiful natural areas in the province, including several Nature Parks, from high rough mountains to quiet beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.

The area is full of innumerable architectural, historical and cultural attractions, which will take you back to distant epochs. You will also learn exciting stories and interesting traditions of the area, as the ancient pilgrimages or the traditional cattle driving (Trashumancia and Itinerancia). And last but not least… we guarantee a great gastronomic and wine experience!

We will coordinate the riding and the non-riding activities, so you can meet your companions for dinner and overnighting.

In some of our riding trips, companions can participate by foot, as the Saint Peter pilgrimage or the cattle driving. There are also activities that the riders and the non-riding companions can do together, as the visits to the wineries. Itinerantur and Maestrat Equestre will organize all the logistics.



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