Trip 12. “Itinerancy”. The Spanish cowboys II.

Difficulty level: medium-high

Duration: 3 days

Time on horseback: 6 h daily

When: 23rd-25th June 2017

No. participants: min 3 – max 5

The first day we ride from Villafranca del Cid town (Castellón province) to Mosqueruela town (Teruel province) following a cattle path. There are many cultural and natural attractions in Villafranca del Cid worth to visit, as the Palomita Natural Park, the “Dry Stone” architecture or the town itself.

The second day, very early in the morning (6.00 am), we drive a herd of migrating beef cows from Mosqueruela to Linares de Mora town. We ride at a slow pace, following and guiding the cattle. Our horses are used to work with cattle in the countryside and have broad experience in the transhumance.

The cattle belongs to the Fernando Robres ecological livestock farm: Fernando Robres farm. This farm focuses on the welfare of the animals, on keeping the local traditions and on producing very high quality meet. The cows are reared in freedom, born and raised in the mountains and fed on grass and ecological pastures without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The winter pastures of the farm are in Vistabella (Castellón), while the summer ones are located in Mosqueruela and Linares de Mora (Teruel).

Our path runs through beautiful and unspoiled landscapes at an altitude of 1,200-1,500 m above the sea level. We ride on a natural pine wood (the so called “Pinar Ciego”, the “blind pine forest”). This forest in a good example of a well-preserved Mediterranean mountain forest.

The third day we ride in one of the Fernando Robres farming areas (summer pastures), in the vicinity of Linares de Mora. We will learn about the philosophy of the farm and their daily routines.

In addition, the area is full of innumerable attractions for the visitor, such as the architecture of its villages, which will take us back to distant epochs (village of Mosqueruela and its neighborhood “La Estrella”) or its cave paintings and the astronomical observation possibilities.

If you wish to come with a non-riding partner, family or friends, it is possible to follow part of the trip by foot (day 2 and part of day 3). Companions can visit the beautiful villages and natural attractions located in the area the other days.

This is a unique opportunity for experiencing this tough and ancient tradition, riding through rough trails and beautiful landscapes. Our trip is also full of cultural and gastronomic experiences!

Check the links for inspiration:

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Total price for 3 days:

For riders (promotional price!!!): 500 € per person (included: horse, riding equipment, native guides + translator Spanish-English, one meal per day, accident insurance, guided farm visit, horse and person transport).

For companions on foot: 150 € per person (included: native guides + translator Spanish-English, one meal per day, guided farm visit, person transport).

Extras (accommodation, breakfast and dinner): check with us. Prices can vary depending on the accommodation type. It could be about 150 € in total for 3 days on average.



Travel info and practicalities

Weather and temperature: between 5 and 15 degrees. Some probability of raining. Maybe some wind.


Experience Spain from horseback